Motivational Intelligence for Leaders

Great leaders know that motivational intelligence is key to unlock their own potential and the potential of others.  Our three-hour seminar will inspire leaders to inspire others towards big goals and big success.  Ready to scale your team?

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We define ‘motivational intelligence’ as a leader’s capacity to positively impact the motivation of people so that they achieve personal excellence, thrive together in a multi-challenging and fast-changing environment and scale themselves, their team and their company happily from good to great. In our approach ‘motivational intelligence’ is typically associated with inspiring courage, adaptability, resilience, optimism and imagination. In yourself and in others.


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Great leaders have the unique ability to inspire people to successfully overcome obstacles, navigate through transitions and grow themselves, their teams and their organisation into something exponentially better than before. During this captivating seminar, we will uncover what attitude, mindset, behaviour and communication style it requires from leaders to inspire courage, promote adaptability, build resilience, fuel optimism and spark imagination. The inspiring seminar “Motivational Intelligence for Leaders” focuses on how leaders can be masters in human connection and how they can positively impact others to rise above themselves.  It will focus on actionable insights and techniques to take your team to new levels of achievement.  Its content includes:

  • mastering mental thoughness and developing inner courage
  • creating openness to change and to embracing the unknown
  • building a culture of engagement
  • understanding the language of motivation
  • energizing your team, improving optimism and inviting ownership
  • recognizing the symptoms of lower levels of motivation
  • unlocking people and allowing them to achieve more
  • handling adversity more effectively and taking productive action
  • understanding the mindset of successful people

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