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How Leaders Speak to Inspire


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In this book on How Leaders Speak to Inspire, Filip Muyllaert shines a surprising, innovative and bright light on inspiring presentation and communication skills. What makes leadership communication so inspiring and how can you, too, empower people and ideas with words and nextlevel storytelling? How do you make sure your message truly resonates and has a transformative effect? How can you make use of mental time travel to inspire optimism or courage? How do you stimulate imagination and make an invisible future visible? How do you inspire others to dream many steps higher? Or how do you sound surprising, innovative and thought-provoking as a leader? These are just a few of the many fascinating topics covered in this leadership book. The ability to inspire – the superlative of persuading and motivating – is not the privilege of the few. The principles of inspiring communication can be learned by anyone. How leaders speak to inspire is a fascinating book that will offer you many concrete communication tips and storytelling techniques and undoubtedly prepare you for the next level of leadership.