Welcome, I’m Filip Muyllaert

As a global speaker, I travel the world to inspire teams and leaders to chase new horizons and to grow themselves and their organisation into something exponentially better than before.


Inspiring people to new levels of achievement

The customized keynote presentations of Filip take a holistic approach to being successful on a personal and organisational level. He always inspires his audience and generates a long-lasting effect. Delegates consistently rate the presentations of Filip as highly inspiring, surprising and captivating.



‘How Super Champions Think’ is a highly inspiring and truly captivating keynote about the mindset and the attitude of super champions. This motivating 45 to 60 minute keynote will zoom in on topics like persevering, focussing, adapting, goal setting, pushing your own limits, collaborating, taking sufficient rest, always improving, being entrepreneurial, being courageous, being resilient, pushing the boundaries of possibility and believing that impossible is often possible. ‘How Super Champions Think’ is a highly visual and inspiring keynote that combines actionable and compelling content, music and video into an unforgettable and truly inspiring experience for the audience.



Today, a healthy sense of paranoia is exactly what organisations need to increase their chances of becoming future-proof. In this inspiring keynote Filip Muyllaert will dive into 8 aspects of business life that you should be paranoid about: your success, your competitors, your customers, your business strategy, your goals, your speed of taking decisions, your vision and - above all - yourself. In this one-hour keynote ‘Only the Paranoid Survive’, Filip will inspire his audience to be always hypervigilant and in a constant state of alertness in order to be successful.



Most of our achievements, from teaming up to kill a mammoth to landing Curiosity on Mars, started with expressing an idea. One single idea has the potential to impact thousands, if not millions, of people. However, the value of an idea depends on how you communicate it. If you cannot inspire people to act on it, you and your ideas will lose part of their potential. In "Become an epic speaker" Filip will show you how to add magnetism to yourself and to your message.  This captivating keynote typically takes 60 minutes, but can also be turned into a masterclass of multiple hours or days.

Customized speeches

Some examples of transformational keynotes

The Hidden Power of Imagination

We all know that creativity is crucial for business success. However, every act of creativity starts with ‘imagination’. In this keynote, Filip will truly intrigue his audience with a wide range of examples to illustrate that imagination is often more important than reality and that we can only create a better future and a new reality by first imagining that things can be different.

Scaling yourself from good to GREAT

The future has a history. So what can we learn from yesterday’s people to build tomorrow’s success and achieve personal excellence? How should individuals transform their inner self to thrive in a multi-challenging and fast-changing environment? How can they be truly resilient? In this keynote, Filip will serve 8 actionable insights to scale yourself from good to great.

Becoming an epic speaker

Epic speakers know how to inspire, influence and magnetize their audience. They know how to create long-lasting impact and build a legacy – which gives them a tremendous competitive advantage in everything they do. In this captivating keynote, Filip will show you how to add magnetism to yourself and to your message. Are ready to master the art of true presentation impact?

Why curiosity matters

Being successful at business requires many things: courage, creativity, people skills and so much more. But what about curiosity?  In a business context, curiosity is a powerful engine for success. This keynote will make the case for being passionately curious and will focus on ways to bolster curiosity to give a boost to personal and organisational performance.


Filip at a 2022 conference in Monaco


My promise to you. And to your audience

When you hire me to speak at your event or conference, you can expect the following experience:

  • Expertly crafted and forward thinking customized content
  • Inspiring & actionable ideas that will resonate long after your event or conference
  • Professionally designed slide decks with high visual impact
  • An audience that is left delighted, motivated, rewired and fully inspired

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