Mastering the Art of Leadership Communication

‘Mastering the Art of Leadership Communication’ is an intensive two-day leadership programme designed to challenge participants to rethink their impact as leaders. It guides them in transforming their leadership communication skills into a signature strength.

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About this two-day leadership programme

This fast-paced and results-oriented programme is uniquely tailored for both emerging and established leaders, with a focus on strengthening their face-to-face communication skills (whether it is one-to-one communication or one-to-many). Its aim is to equip them with the ability to align, inspire, and activate teams, thereby driving organisational success. Whether your organisation’s goal is to grow the next generation of leaders, develop the rising stars, or amplify the impact of existing leaders, this programme is designed to unlock their potential. It aims to elevate their leadership value and impact, contributing to enhanced personal, team, and corporate success. Content The programme, involving a high level of interactivity, is structured into four interrelated modules, creating a cohesive framework for achieving excellence in many crucial aspects of leadership communication. Participants embark on a journey where they first enhance their skills in crafting clear messages (CLARITY) and fostering inclusivity (INCLUSION).They then progress to the art of leaving a lasting impact, ensuring their messages resonate long after delivery (INSPIRATION). Finally, the programme empowers leaders to translate their clear and inspiring messages into tangible actions that drive results (ACTIVATION). This sequential approach equips emerging and established leaders with a comprehensive communication skill set, from message clarity and inclusivity to inspiration and effective action.

This program is ideal for emerging and established leaders, as well as for individuals aspiring to leadership roles or for those expected to demonstrate leadership qualities. The programme is delivered in English.  Participants must have a good level of spoken business English to be actively involved in the programme.