How Leaders Speak to Inspire

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 ‘Nice work! Speaking in public is a skill, not a talent, which is good news, because it can be learned. Filip shares inspiring stories, anecdotes and strategies that can help anyone find their voice.’ Seth Godin, author of ‘This is Marketing’ ‘As an executive coach for over 40 years, I know that great speaking skills to inspire and motivate your team and company are crucial to good leadership. Filip has made the ultimate guide to better communication and speaking skills to get you energizing your team in no time. A must read!’ Marshall Goldsmith is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There. Marshall Goldsmith - Thinkers 50 #1 Executive Coach and only two-time #1 Leadership Thinker in the world. ‘A brillant analysis!’ Wouter Torfs – CEO Schoenen Torfs ‘An atypical management book that captivates from start to finish!’ Philip Ghekiere – CEO The Happy House ‘A truly inspiring book!’ Davy De Vlieger – General Manager GB Foods Belgium ‘By writing “How Leaders speak to inspire” Filip Muyllaert has handed us the keys to the kingdom of inspirational leadership. I read between 50 and 100 books a year, and from time to time one resonates. This book about how leaders can reimagine what it means to be an inspiring speaker is certainly one of them! It grabs the reader from cover to cover, with lots of real world examples, stories and colourful characters.’ Philippe Gijsels – Chief Strategist BNP Paribas Fortis ‘A page-turner and a marvellous combination of storytelling and very specific tips!’ Lieve Pattyn – Marketing Director EG ‘I can tell you that I am very excited. With the many practical references to great speeches by world famous people, this book is deeply inspiring and useful for any leader. I have already used several techniques from the book in my communication. This book has positively changed me!’ Wim Jansen – CEO Belgium, Luxembourg & Israel JCDecaux ‘Especially in these turbulent times, leaders want to make as much impact as possible when addressing their workforce. The way in which this is done best, however, is too often a well-kept secret. Filip reveals these secrets masterfully by referring to great moments in history and by looking ahead into the future. A must-read for those who want to make their next speech their best speech ever and who want to generate the impact they have always dreamed of.’ Yannick Renier – Head of Strategy Development and Innovation, Aertssen Group ‘In this book, Filip Muyllaert shows himself not only as a gifted writer with a fluent pen, but also as a very well-documented author who knows how to flavour his story perfectly with the right anecdotes and the right historical facts. His book is about the inspiring power of a leader's words and the author delivers that story with brio. In short, it’s a must read for every manager who regularly needs to inspire her/his employees – and which manager shouldn't, because 'playing boss' is a leadership style that, according to the author, is 'at the wrong side of history'. The author meanders through his inspirational story, enriched with beautiful metaphors and figurative language.’ Dirk Buyens – Professor Human Resources Management, Vlerick Business School ‘This book is a true source of inspiration.’ Stefan Kerckhoven – D’Ieteren, Managing Director Audi Belgium ‘This book really makes you think about how you can be more inspiring as a leader. It also made me look at speeches differently. Very interesting and really educational!’ Nathalie Gonnissen – Director Inflammation & Immunology, Pfizer Belux ‘There are many useful ideas in the book and the summaries at the end of each chapter are not only an excellent refresher, but also a reminder for future use.’ Philippe Cornille – General Secretary, European Industrial Gases Association ‘A well-written book that combines many interesting insights into an inspiring whole.’ Nancy Vermeulen – Founder Space Training Academy ‘How do you take your audience on an inspirational journey? It's not a science, it's an art! Filip is definitely an artist and he manages to inspire me, again and again. Filip, thank you for sharing your knowledge and for making the world of presentations a lot more exciting!’ Koen Van Hout – General Manager Operations Business services & Global Customer contact Center Steering, Mercedes-Benz ‘Good communication skills are critical for leaders and in today's VUCA times, it's even more important to convey a clear message. Leaders should be able to energize, motivate and inspire their teams. This book can help you with this. Filip combines his professional experience with concrete examples from all times. His 'tips & tricks' are well thought-out, clearly explained and actionable. By providing some innovative techniques, this book is not just another communication book. It’s a guide that will give your presentations and messages a real boost. If you want to be an inspiring communicator or if you are looking for specific ideas to improve your communication skills, this book will definitely take you to that next level.’ Katleen Vangodtsenhoven – Head of Talent BeLux, The Adecco Group ‘This is a book about leadership and about how leaders can be better communicators. A must read for every leader and entrepreneur.’ Marnik D'Hoore – Founder & CEO Bloovi ‘Deeply inspiring!’ Sophie Vandamme – Chief HR Officer BeLux, Lidl Belgium & Luxembourg ‘The role of a leader is to inspire with a vision and to support the team to make it happen. In that respect, speaking to inspire is a critical skill for all leaders. This book is an excellent guide to nurture this skill, with great principles and examples from all times and fields.’ Luc Suykens – CEO United Brands Association (UBA) ‘It’s an art to write about speaking. In this book all ideas are precious, flavoured with colorful examples that all shine inspiration. The secret recipe for inspirational speaking can only be written by an expert. A brilliant book!’ Nele Stevens – Product Marketing Manager, United Caps ‘When I heard Filip was writing a book on inspiring communication skills, I was thrilled to find out if he could surpass his impressive seminars and coaching sessions. Short answer: yes he did! Read this condensed and well-substantiated book to find out the strategies, tricks and tips to amplify your ideas in presentations.’ Erik Desmet – Chief Financial Officer, DP World ‘To inspire people, you need to know how to package your message correctly and deliver it optimally. This seems easy but is far from obvious. It is almost an art form. With this book, Filip brings a clear insight into this art form. A must for entrepreneurs, policy makers and anyone who wants to know how to convey a message in a clear, powerful and above all inspiring way.’ Jurgen Ingels – Managing Partner, Smartfin & author of ‘50 lessen voor ondernemers'