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Steve Martin

Thank you for playing your part in what was a very successful event in Alicante. I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation personally and heard from several of my colleagues that it also made a strong impact on them.  So a great event all round, and a great keynote!

Tom Pinder, Marketing Director Europe - ScanSource

You were simply amazing! Everybody at our conference loved you and your ideas. Thank you!

Anne-Laure Dreyfus-Coutinho, Director TV - egta (association of TV & Radio sales houses)

Thank you for your great speech at our conference in Barcelona!  We have collected feedback from over 100 people.  On a satisfaction scale of 1 up to 5, you received a very great 4,72.  Thanks a lot!

Elena Werle, Marketing Analyst - Hydro Holding (Germany)

We have received nothing else but just highly positive reactions to your presentation.  It was very captivating, hands-on and was much appreciated by the audience!

Mieke Haijen, Senior Marketing & Communication Officer - Sesvanderhave

Dear Filip, thank you again for the very successful presentation.  Everybody was super enthousiastic! It was really top!

Annick De Waele, Senior Director Legal - Cisco Systems Belgium

Filip delivered a truly powerful presentation during our SAP General Meeting.  His keynote was completely fit for the audience.  He made it stick by being very relevant to our business, picking the right stories at the appropriate moment so that my colleagues could identify themselves in no time with the content of his presentation.  Filip did that with minimal supervision, just based on a short briefing.  Personally, I find his capacity to relate to the audience remarkable and I am pleased to highly recommend him.

Patrick Van Deven, General Manager - SAP Belgium & Luxembourg

Have you ever been inspired by Filip Muyllaert? He recapped for us a 3-day Sales Seminar in 1 hour with a bang!
In a rollercoaster of 1 hour, Filip Muyllaert takes you instantly to the ultimate confrontation of life: it is all about YOU!

Peter Janse, Vice President Sales - BekaertDeslee

Filip, I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful, thought provoking presentation at our conference in Madrid, it was truly inspiring!

Jane Findlay, Manager Global Accounts - HelmsBriscoe

The Walt Disney Company welcomed Filip during the Learning Expo and with his closing session he made a strong impression on the audience. With his excellent presentation skills and style he was able to bring the message forward! This session gave my employees a lot to think about afterwards…

Priscilla van der Lek, HR Manager Benelux - The Walt Disney Company

I would like to thank you personally for your presentation during the Commercial Banking Conference. We have received a lot of positive reactions and enthousiastic feedback from the delegates.

Frank Claeys, Head of Commercial Banking Belgium - BNP Paribas Fortis

I found the presentation brilliant. The best, the shortest and most intriguing presentation I have attended!

Fátima Angélico

Your presentation was enormously inspiring!

Jasper Scheir, Client Service Director - Haystack International

Your presentation at Vlerick on was right to the point and so exciting to live. Congratulations!

Etienne Lemaire, Engineering Manager - CG Holdings n.v.

Filip is a Love Brand! Great communicator with senior persuasive skills to motivate audiences. He inspires and can passionate people, a great art!

Nuno Nobre

Your presentation in three words: proven results guaranteed!

Peter Janse, Bekaert Textiles Europe

Your presentation was an eye-opener!

Steyn Content, BNP Paribas Fortis Private Banking

Filip is quite simply the most remarkable speaker I have ever met...

Mattias Dixner, District Sales Manager Scandinavia, Gates Power Transmission Europe

Hi Filip, I have collected all evaluation forms from the participants: you get a score of 94% on content and 96% on style. This is the highest score that a guest speaker has ever had!

Nancy Seghers, 4P Square

You managed to keep the attention of all the participants during the whole conference…what a talent…

Aurélie Berger

What a presentation! Amazing speaking skills and truly inspiring. Thanks a lot!

Meeli Jaaksoo, Estonia

Thank you again for the presentation. We have received really stunning reactions from the audience!

Fabio Gysemans, Sales & Marketing Assistant - Crosby Europe

Thank you for this brilliant presentation full of so many things everyone should know, hear, apply… it was so inspiring… I’ll discover more of your talent and inspiration points navigating into your website and might come back to you for some personal demands.

Nicole Jans, RMBPRESS

Thank you so much for the inspiring presentation!

Philip Ghekiere, Innovation Director - Bekaert Textiles Group

I have enjoyed your presentation in Brussels last June. Food for thought!

Nick Orbain, BAM NV

Your presentation was lovely! It's the first time in my life that I enjoyed such a long presentation...

Kafila Naqvi

Many thanks for the very intriguing, inspiring and enlightening presentation of this afternoon!

Karolien Coussée, Communication Manager Benelux - SAPA

Dear Filip, thank you again for the presentation of last Friday, it was a great experience for everybody. I hope I will be able to cooperate again with you. Your presentation was really passionate!

Valérie Janssens, e-Communication & CRM Director RMB

"The Presentation Code" is one of the best seminars that I have ever attended! Thank you for this top level presentation.

Leen Vandaele

Your presentation was fascinating from the first to the last minute!

Anne Vanhengel, Stafdienst Vlaamse Regering

Thank you for the inspiring presentation of yesterday! I have really learned a lot. To be honest, it was one of the best presentations that I have ever experienced...

Lode Mentens, Technical Project Coördinator, USG Engineering Professionals

Filip's enthusiasm was fantastic, very inspiring and boosted all energy levels. But also the content was very good with a lot of practical takeaways. In one word: outstanding.

Johan Vanhulle, General Manager/Senior Banker, Rabobank International Antwerp Branch

I attended your presentation last Friday and I must say it was very professional. My attention was high at all times. Your two hour speech was just a remarkable one: very original and intriguing!

Gilles Couez, AXA Belgium

Your presentation has been highly appreciated by our entire sales team & our management. Many thanks!

Geert Boone, HR Manager BerryAlloc

I'm sure you're receiving nothing but well-deserved accolades for your excellent and 110% useful presentation last week. Thank you a million times from me! Exuberant discussion of your ideas carried on through the weekend, and I've already told several people about the value of the session.

Pam Rubin, Manager, Global Accounts HelmsBriscoe

It was a real pleasure to have you with us and the group really valued your presentation. We’ve had only good feedback and the audience could get many ideas to take home from your presentation. We are confident there is a strong interest for a future collaboration!

Julia Hanson, European Power Transmission Distributors Association (EPTDA)

Thanks again for the excellent presentation! The feedback from those who have attended your presentation was very positive and we have all learned a lot.

Lien Sinnesael, Marketing & Communication Coordinator Bekaert Textiles

I have followed a 3 hour presentation given by Filip but the time flew so fast...Not only the topic in itself was interesting, but also the speaker was amazing. He perfectly knew his subject and how to attract and keep the attention of the audience. He is a wonderful communicator with out-of-the box ideas.

Sylvie Marques, Managing Director Southern Europe, HelmsBriscoe

A very memorable presentation!

Jack Santer

Very inspiring seminar!

Paul De Loose, training manager Katoen Natie

Thanks again for the presentation, everybody was enthousiastic. The presentation took two hours, but the audience would have preferred the double!

Brigitte Delo, Zetes PASS

Your presentation was just amazing. Thanks.

Patrick Vanhaecke, Business development HR-Office-Strategie Syntra West

Dear Filip, this was truly one of the best presentations I have ever attended…

Anu Kuning

Your presentation in just one word: impressive!

Marc Rodríguez

You inspired me…you really inspired me. Thanks for everything!

Denise Meyer

Last week my colleague and myself attended the Masterclass “Masterfull presentations” by Filip Muyllaert in Brussels.  In this intensive one-day masterclass, Filip gave us very clear insights into how we can deliver our presentations clearly  and with enthusiasm. As you can imagine, Filip is a great presenter himself…which made the masterclass a true experience. An experience that learned us how to create true impact when giving presentations. A few days later, we could already put our new skills into practice in our strategy presentation to our board of directors. Mission accomplished!

Johan Fornier, Vice President Product Development, Healthcare Division at Barco

In one word: wonderful! Thank you for the inspiring session! I hope to see you live again!

Ivan Gallemaert, Sales Director Belgium - GB Foods Belgium

What an inspiring workshop!  Very interesting and very practically oriented, from the first till the last minute!  I have attended a previous talk of Filip and I was already very impressed at the time.  Today, I have learned a lot again.  It was truly top!

Ann De Bisschop, Director Corporate Identity & Wellbeing - Medialaan

Attending a seminar of Filip is time well spent. Useful insights, clear examples, out of the box concepts!

Yannick Renier, Head of Innovation - Aertssen Group nv

Filip is a top edutainer and an influencer pur sang.  He knows how to positively influence people and he is a master in the audiovisual synchronisation of his presentation.  After a masterclass of 8 hours, I was – much to my own surprise – still listening in awe… TOP!

Marc Van den Eede, WeGo's

Dear Filip, I attended your masterclass on ‘Masterful Presentations’.  Giving a presentation is one thing; turning it into a message that sticks is another thing. Your masterclass will clearly help me to improve my skills to make my messages more sticky. The preparation of my next presentation will definitely be different in structure and style, and in the way I connect with my audience. It was a great experience and an eye opener for me to improve my presentations. So thank you again and hope to work with you again in future!

 Dirk Hyndrikx – SESVanderHave

Filip, it was great to attend your session yesterday.  Thanks for having made every minute worth being there.  What I particularly appreciated was the proper mix between motivation, inspiration, communication and presentation techniques you have been demonstrating us throughout the day.  I will definitely recommend you to my network!

Anna Smets, Business Development Manager - AXA Assistance Benelux

I have highly appreciated your training session! A great mix between theory & examples. Congratulations!

Philippe Tilkin, Head of Marketing & Communication - BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Belgium

In my role as Director Strategic Accounts EMEA for Brady Corporation, delivering an impactful message is a very important part of my business life.  The moment of truth: at senior customer level or internally to win people for your mission. I had the privilege to work with Filip Muyllaert on both content and form. His approach is unique and based on experience, passion and talent.  I enjoyed the combination between working on a real case underpinned with general techniques, tips & tricks. This is a perfect way to make progress and experience the benefit immediately.  I would recommend Filip to any business professional.  If you want to bring a strong & impactful message, don’t look any further….and you will enjoy doing it.

Bart Van den Borre, Director Strategic Accounts EMEA - Brady Corporation

Thanks a lot to you for this wonderful training. I very much appreciated it. I found it very useful, from the beginning to the end. You succeeded in keeping me interested and focused all day long!

Georgina Medina, Market Analyst - Lhoist Europe

Dear Filip, thank you very much again for your professional coachings. The result has really impressed everybody within our organisation. Never before we have received so many positive reactions from all segments within Omega Pharma Belgium! We have implemented a new norm and I would really be looking forward to our next cooperation!

Lieve Pattyn - Marketing Director, Omega Pharma Belgium

I was overwhelmed by Filip’s presentation talent and can express my feelings in a single word: outstanding. Even after two and half day of numerous internal and external presentations, he was able to get and keep the audience attention from the first to the last second. The high number of “take-a-ways” are still spinning in my mind how to create an eye-catching presentation and how to keep the listeners interest on a high level. Never a presentation was such a revelation for me in what I should do never again and what I should do better from today. Great experience, we need to do more together!

Peter Buydens, Gates Power Transmission Europe

A communication training of this level is unseen! No boring, never ending theories; but pure action and interaction. Filip thinks quicker than his own shadow. No matter what the topic is, he can rephrase it in a professional way. A nice to-do for everybody, but a must for all people who need to give a presentation. Filip is a great man with a great mind.

Fabienne Lens - Director Regulatory Compliance Europe CTG

Thanks for the very practical training about speaking in public! Although I have a broad experience myself with delivering presentations I have really learned a lot. It has been an enormous boost for self-confidence and creativity. This training is truly a ‘must do’ for managers who sometimes have to speak in public, either for an external or an internal audience.

Koen Stevens, Senior Business Development Consultant - Right Management

The Masterful Presentation session was worth every single minute. Although presenting is daily business for me, Filip inspired me doing things different and better. I learned a lot about elements such as visual consistency, teasing and the what-how-why statements. It helps me for making my story clear to the audience. And after all, I can confirm that his tips&tricks really work in practice. Thanks a lot, Filip.

Sam De Frene, Enterprise Architect - CEGEKA

We hired Filip to coach/support/help/uplift our presentors & presentations for CTG's Experience day. The result is astonishing: a complete wave of renewed enthousiasm rolls around in the company; visual communication, innovative slides & strengthened presentation techniques are our share ! Next year's edition will be underpinned by a complete coaching program by Filip! Many thx for the excellent work!

Pieter Vanhaecke - Unit Manager Testing, CTG Belgium N.V.

Thanks to your speech coaching – which provided real added value – our presentation was great. The visual design and the structure were very good. Many thanks! Without your coaching, it would not have been such a success.

Inge Van Der Meulen, ORBID HR services

I hired Filip to do a coaching session for a team of 26 HelmsBriscoe associates. Filip was always available to discuss and to prepare the meeting. He was always punctual, he showed great professionalism and expertise. All the attendees were delighted at the end of Filip's presentation, ready to call back their clients to try the new techniques learned that day ! I will recommend Filip to any Director of Sales or Manager who needs to do presentations to clients, investors, employees, etc.

Sylvie Marquès, Regional Vice President Southern Europe HelmsBriscoe

I can very much recommend everybody to follow a training of Filip: he provides real eye-openers about how to give an impactful presentation. Speaking in public is an art, but you can indeed learn it! Thanks, Filip for this exceptional day!

Catherine Bodarwe, Key Account Manager - Les Editions de L’Avenir

The training of last Friday was one of the most interesting and fascinating trainings that I have experienced since many years. I would like to congratulate you for this. You inspired me and kept my attention for a full day!

Guy de Smet - Directeur, VelopA N.V.

The training was truly fantastic, I have learned a lot!

Femke Capiau, Sinelco International

Thanks for the value added coaching!

Wim Iwens - Managing Director etrinity

Hi Filip, our presentations in Paris were just perfect! It could not have been better. It was super, thanks to your speech coaching. Many thanks for all your help, I am very sure that our performance on stage for an audience of 700 people would never have been so strong without your coaching. Thanks a lot!

Sofie Vercauteren, Group Brand Builder - Pro-Duo

Filip's presentation is interactive and gives a whole new dimension to visuals and getting the message across. Thanks to Filip's contribution during our Regional Meeting, my colleagues and I were inspired to change the way we present our business model. He provided many useful suggestions and techniques to keep the audience's attention throughout and to reach your objectives. With pleasure I recommend Filip Muyllaert and The Communication Group to any organisation looking for an inspirational speaker, who is committed to getting the best out of people.

Joris Eyck, Associate Regional Vice President - Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg at HelmsBriscoe

Our collaboration with Filip this year was successful in every way. He is very punctual and correct and a real pleasure to work with. Thanks to Filip we have published an excellent guide about the art of giving presentations. Our customers and employees were, without exception, very enthusiastic about the presentations he gave. As a professional speaker Filip knows how to captivate his audience from the beginning to the end and to motivate people to practise what they have learned.

Astrid Witters, Marketing Manager Unique

We had a smooth two-day seminar and your intervention on the first day was the perfect start of our seminar. I will certainly not hesitate to contact you for further finetuning our presentations. The story that you have brought was amazing and I am convinced that we should put many of your ideas into practice.

Luc Leclere, Director Private Banking - BNP Paribas Fortis

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