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Our seminars, from 2 hours to 1 day, introduce people to Critical Thinking and help them to think smarter and turn themselves into more rational and disciplined thinkers.

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Learn to think smarter

It’s the foundation of everything we do: thinking.  However, thousands of years of evolution has turned humans into automatic thinkers who often rely on default ways to process information.  Shifting over to critical thinking will enhance people’s thinking processes, leading to better decisions, faster problem solving and creative innovation.


Seminar details

  • Recognizing what it means to be a critical thinker
  • Understanding bias and how to address it
  • Avoiding logical fallacies & reflecting about your own thinking
  • Asking the right questions & mastering techniques for deeply listening
  • Learning to broaden your perspective and to be flexible in your thinking
  • Challenging assumptions and seeing others’ viewpoints with clarity
  • Exploring the most impactful critical thinking techniques
  • Analysing different interpretations, viewpoints, evidence and perspectives
  • New mental models for out-of-the-box thinking & better decision-making
  • Redefining problems to generate new insights
Creating resonance with your audience Presenting an inspiring Big Idea What to learn from 16th century explorers Techniques for fighting distraction Techniques for building curiosity Making messages more intriguing The use of story gaps Making messages sound new Inspiring people with obvious insights Techniques for changing people’s perspective Techniques for making messages sound remarkable How to add surprise to a presentation
The value of the Apollo Scale Bringing aspirational messages Increasing the EQ of your presentation Making facts more inspirational Increasing your story power Multiplying stories at micro and macro level The power of mini stories Learning to switch between vantage points Increasing your verbal power (strong messaging) Increasing your visual power Increasing your vocal power

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