"Masterful Presentations"21 October | Brussels

‘Masterful Presentations’ is an intensive masterclass that will teach you how to create more impact when giving presentations and speaking in public.


Dramatically improve your presentation success

This masterclass will help you to deliver a presentation clearly, insightfully, persuasively and with enthusiasm so that you can connect with your audience and propel people to action. During this masterclass, you will learn dozens of actionable techniques to turn your next presentation into a valuable and memorable experience for your audience. It focuses on a broad range of topics including structuring a presentation, storytelling, developing a dynamic presentation style, vocal impact, techniques to boost your influence and credibility and a lot of visual design ideas and techniques to make better PowerPoint slides.

Who should join this masterclass?

This masterclass – always receiving great reviews – is highly relevant for anyone who sometimes or who regularly has to prepare, design or deliver presentations. The audience typically includes junior & senior managers from Sales, HR, Communication and Marketing.


Content details

  • The difference between wide & deep information
  • Injecting ‘change’ into a presentation
  • Preparing for a presentation
  • Introducing yourself
  • 15 techniques for starting a presentation powerfully
  • The 7 structural building blocks of a presentation
  • Techniques for making your core message memorable
  • Persuasion techniques in a presentation context
  • Storytelling principles
  • Techniques for increasing your vocal impact
  • Techniques for simplifying complex messages
  • Non-verbal communication: body language
  • Visual design principles for designing great slides
  • The secret of right-brain communication
  • Techniques for ending a presentation strongly
  • Techniques for dealing with (difficult) questions


Push your next presentation to a new level of excellence

Push your next presentation to a new level of excellence

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Date & timing

Friday 21 October 2022 from 9h00 until 16h00 including lunch


Marivaux Hotel BrusselsBd Adolphe Max 981000 Bruxelleswww.marivauxhotelbrussels.com(parking available nearby)

Language of the masterclass


Participation fee (excl. 21% VAT)

795 euro per person, excl. 21% VAT. This fee also includes lunch.


Amplify yourself as a speaker

During this masterclass, you will learn dozens of actionable techniques to

  • plan and prepare presentations based on your audience
  • categorize and structure info
  • learn how to cope with detail
  • apply storytelling principles
  • use a dynamic presentation delivery style
  • communicate with confidence power and clarity
  • enhance voice projection
  • boosting your influence and credibility
  • turning presentations into captivating experiences
  • delivering presentations which get results
  • getting people excited about your ideas
  • learning how to design visually impactful presentations


Join “Masterful Presentations” on 21 October 2022 in Brussels

Join “Masterful Presentations” on 21 October 2022 in Brussels

If you would like to register for attending “Masterful Presentations" on Friday 21 October 2022 in Brussels, please fill out this form. After sending us your contact details, we will further get in touch with you to finalize your registration.  If you have specific questions, however, you are welcome to e-mail us.

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